To provide a conducive learning environment in academic and professional subjects where knowledge and research skills can be acquired in a disciplined manner, to meet the challenges of safe motherhood and all aspects of Healthcare service delivery.
    To produce graduates of high quality skills in Healthcare Service Delivery with exemplary character capable of providing for the ever-growing Healthcare demands.
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Welcome to ComKad

The College began as a Community Nurse Training Centre in January, 1958. In January 1971, the three-and-half (3½) year training of the Community Midwives started in the same premises.

In 1978, the designation of Community Midwifery was changed to Midwifery training, and the duration to two and half (2½) years. The admission was reserved for Secondary College leavers only.

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The Governing Board (of the College) has coined an admission policy for the College as follows The College shall maintain an admission policy that emphasizes on merit, Local Government spread and consideration of catchment areas/educationally disadvantaged Local Government areas. The ratio of the admission shall be as follows. The Academic Committee may, however, for good reason, and in the best interest of the College, the profession and the State, admit a maximum of additional 10% of the aggregate list based on exceptional performance of applicants.

  1. Exceptional performance- - - - - - 5-10%
  2. Local Government Spread (equity) - - - - 70%
  3. Disadvantaged/Catchment Areas - - - 20-25%


Registration and documentation are compulsory for every new and returning student at e beginning of each semester/session. All registrations involve obtaining and completing relevant forms payment of necessary fees, and registration for courses at the academic department. Each new student, on arrival, reports to the Admissions Office with the following documents for verification

  • Letter of offer of Admission.
  • A copy of the acceptance letter.
  • A letter of identification from the student’s Local Government Area.
  • A letter of good conduct. From student’s parent.
  • Six (6) recent passport-sized photographs;
  • A medical report.
  • Original copies of Certificates or original notification of result (statement of result
  • Original Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age.

After the documents are verified, the new student collects a clearance form with which he proceeds to the Bursary Department where she collects the Bank teller and pays the prescribed fees and collects a payment receipt. The student then returns to the Admission Office where he collects registration forms and then moves to her department where he is registered by the Coordinator.

All Registration Forms must be returned to the Registry or a designated officer on completion of all Registration.

Late Registration

Any student who fails to register within two weeks of resumption is automatically considered as having lost her offer (in case of new students) and not qualified for normal registration (in case of returning students). The period for late registration is the third week from the first day of the semester, except otherwise decided by the Management.